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my Adoption - baby chocolate labrador retriever 2 months

Yep, that’s me. On December 23rd 2006, my mom Didi adopted me from the Manhattan, NY American Kernels store. I was exactly 2 moths and 3 days baby. My mom wanted to adopt so much but due to different reasons she wasn’t able to get one. This time things were different because my brother was able to convince her that a little puppy (me) would be a great Christmas gift for my father! That’s how they both went out in the search of baby German shepherd. Yep they weren’t looking for me and I’m so mad about it. How can they do something like that? Heh .. whatever .. Fortunately for me, in the store there were any German Shepherds and the nice lady offered them "alternatives" – Labrador or boxer. Boxer was a definitely NO! because my father was a boxer and two boxers don’t live under the same roof, and therefore they went with labrador.

Between all baby Labradors there was one that was outstanding all others. Guess who that was? Ha ha ha .. meeeee…

The thing was that the first time my mom Didi took me in her arms I licked her gently on her neck and she immediately fell in love with me! Yep! That’s what we call the Doggy Magic. After they got me I had to convince my father that I’m quite better than German Shepherd, and the Doggy Magic got him also. Heh .. I’m simply goood!

That same day I met the other relatives, but some of them didn’t like the fact that I was a dog! I guess they were expecting my father to adopt an alien, but that’s how it is. Allergy or no allergy I’m the most wonderful pup in the family