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I’m sorry didn’t post anything earlier but I had some drastic changes in my life. As you know I’m now seven months old and I have to start organizing my life. The first thing I had to do is to find a good job and that happened to be very hard thing for a 7 months old puppy without any employment history. Thanks God I know some good tricks and I was able to persuade the boss to hire me. I’ll tell you exactly what happened because it’s a really nice story.

I was really shocked before the interview

The first job interview is really horrible experience. I remember that I got so scared and my heart was trembling in excitement. When I entered the office, I sat down on one chair and started pretending to be one humble dog ( I guess for secretary positions people like to have humble and honest employees and I was right!). After waiting for nearly half an hour, the boss was ready to see me and I went in his office.

I sat down next to the boss and tried to bullshit him something only to make him hire me

The interview was kind of a face-to-face interrogation on what I can do and what my specialties are and that didn’t take that much time as I didn’t have almost any qualifications and I had to play around explaining that I’m very quick learner and I can get everything. I guess the boss wasn’t really impressed with my answers and was almost ready to set me away when I decided to do the puppy face and try to soften his heart.

In amazement the boss asked me what I can do and if I can prove him that I will be a valuable addition to his work force and that really got me busted. I had to quickly pull out few tricks out of my pocket in order to convince him to give me the job. I told him that I have some experience in photo modeling (that was the first thing that came to my mind and it really worked out as photo models are not really intelligent and this always works). I posted on the couch and then I showed him one of my photos from my modeling portfolio when I was participating in one advertisement for the UPS carriers.

Jackie the UPS Dog - K9 Division

Yes that’s me. That was really nice poster and is carried on some of the UPS trucks. If not a good advertising at least it got me a big fan club as most of the UPS drivers love me and every time they come to deliver something in the neighborhood they stop over to say Hi.

Let’s get back on the topic. The job interview really went well because my boss was so impressed with my talents that he took me under his wing and gave me the chance to prove myself. He said I remind him of his old secretary Jackie. We shacked hand and the deal was done.

We are shaking hands with the boss
We are shaking hands with the boss

Next day I started my first training lessons and this was really exciting. I stood next to the secretary while she was showing me how to do the emails, the accounting and everything else around the office. I guess I’m really a quick learner because in a week or so I was taking over the whole office and it came so natural to me. Check out the photo below. Yep I look so adorable in front of the computer. I guess those glasses make me look smart

I look so cute in front of the computer doing my daily work