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Its not that hard to make your baby the happiest dog on the planet

If you don’t know already how to make a kid happy then you’re not invited to my house! Thanks god I have one very nice uncle who heard that we have a new kid in the family and decided to make that kid really happy! Yes, my uncle from New Mexico fall in love with me even before he saw me! The thing is that he loves Labradors as he has few of those really nasty little bustards (he he he .. not really right?) and he knows what we like, so he sent me a nice welcome to the family present of so many squeaking toys! Wow.. such a happiness.

Yep, Its a well known fact that dogs like toys. I’m always so happy to see some new toy in the house and I cant wait to get it and sometimes I even check the shopping bags if they got me something. He he he .. My mom always wonders how I know what’s for me and I pick it up myself from the bags without any notice. Hi hi I just know 🙂

So lets continue with the story about my uncle’s toys. This nice uncle of mine sent me few nice toys that I believe were the best toys I ever had. They were from the squeaky animal type of toys that you can chew and they just squeak and squeak. Unfortunately the best once are not really made durable and they didn’t last as long as I wanted them, also I have that big curiosity to check what is inside them and to know how the squeak, you know .. just like all other kids in the block.