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my first computer lesson

My brother supports the idea that everyone must be well educated in order to be successful in life and therefore he insisted that I should start my education early. The first lessons that I got was kind’a weird and I’d say not really for dogs but I guess he saw my potential early and wanted to exploit all my best so I started learning how to work with the computers in the office. He promised me that when I grow up he will buy me my own computer so I can start my very own website. He he he .. yep.. A brother that every little girl would like to have.

I about two months and a half when I started conquering the computer technologies. You can see the photos for numerous evidences of my achievements. It was a bit weird in the beginning because that was so new and different for me but I quickly got the hang of it. The first thing I learned it how to turn off the computer from the power cord – actually that wasn’t really in the learning plans but my brother was spending tooooo much time in front of his laptop and didn’t give me any attention so I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and try to exploit his laptops vulnerabilities. Yes sir, I quickly discovered that he was protecting his laptop’s battery from being over-exhausted (as he uses his laptop more as desktop and he had removed its battery) and when you unplug the power cord it goes off. Ha ha ha .. that’s exactly what I needed to get his attention quickly – I grabbed the cord and bum .. his laptop was off and all his attention was over me…..

As you can imagine that wasn’t the best moment in my life, because he got so pissed at me that I had to promise him not to unplug his computer like that as he lost a lot of work which wasn’t saved. Geez .. I didn’t think I could damage his work but .. yep, shit happens..