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Yes that’s me in the arms of my big brother. Yepp – every little girl wants to have one of those but only I’m lucky to have him. When I was little baby (as on the picture) my mom and father left me sleep alone in the living room, but you know as all little girls I was afraid of the darkness and sleeping alone wasn’t the best thing you can get and I used to cry alone for someone to pick me up and sleep with me. Thanks God my big brother was sleeping next door and when I start crying he used to come and pick me up to sleep with him in his large bed. Yess that was my goal and I guess I wasn’t asking for too much.

The relationship was going pretty well until my mom got really jealous that I was spending quality time with my brother instead with her and I she forbid him to take me to his bed at night. Fuf.. I was so upset with that. How can she ask something like that! Wasn’t she a little girl who was afraid of the dark just the same as me??? So cruel!

Fortunately for me at one point they made to the conclusion that I should move to the kitchen instead of the living room and this was going to help prevent the night accidents ( he he he .. ) or at least make it easy to be covered up (upps .. the refrigerator leaked ). Also it was really nice because my brothers’ bedroom door was there so if I get really lonely I can knock and request his presence.

This brings me to the big discussion on weather one should let his dog in the bed and I’d like to use this opportunity to bring you some light on the topic.

First of all sleeping on the ground is not that cozy as you might think it is. For a good example of how it feels why don’t you spend a night laying on the floor. This will help you understand the great importance of some simple pleasures like fluffy bed mattress wraps around your body instead of the hard cold floor. Also note that the floor is quite cooler than your bed and don’t get upset if we get cold or something like that, especially during the cold winters.

Also I would like to stress the notion that you’re referring to when asking for your favorite pet calling him/her DOG. Please be gentle. Don’t say the word Dog that’s like calling a black man black. For your reference we should be called princess or king of the house as we are spending much more time in your house then you do and this makes us the owners!

Following that line of thought, we should never be expected to act like dogs as relatively speaking dogs don’t behave really well and bark a lot and you don’t want us to bark or make bad stuff right? The contract is very simple — if you don’t want us to behave bad, please don’t behave bad with us