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the Jackie Home Alone Effect

First of all I‘d like to say that I‘m a big fan of Prison Break the Series that run on Fox. I think those kind of movies are quite educational and if in need quite helpful. A perfect example of how I used the my prison break techniques was when my whole family left me alone for few hours. Yes! They forgot about me! What the heck is that! And I thought that this would be a great time to punish them for doing so and make sure next time they take me with them!

As you can clearly see on the picture they use the prison technique to keep me quiet and not do any damages around the house, but this is totally wrong and I‘m going to tell you why. First, prisons are not good because nobody likes to be confined in tight space, especially me! Also prisons make me feel bad and bring me even worse ideas in how to revenge them when I get out of it and that‘s exactly what I did….+|+

On January 20 around 3pm I used my special techniques to break out of the prison and I started the well known Home Alone Party Effect. Yes. That‘s also very similar to the Your kids alone during the weekend effect but the difference is that we are quite faster and messier than kids. It took me around 20-30 minutes to find and destroy numerous unneeded object around the room. I noticed that my father left a brand new box of wipes, a few empty water bottles and few other small things in quite accessible for me locations and my party started. First I had to see why he uses those wipes and I stumbled across a bit problem – I didn‘t have a runny nose and I didn‘t know what to use the wipes for so I started spreading them around the room trying to figure out what I should wipe.

On the other hand, the empty bottles were really interesting toys as they produce very weird noises when you try to chew them. That really made me quite happy and I easily forgot about the wipes. Unfortunately after all this games I felt quite tired and I fall asleep and I woke up from my mom‘s screams. She was furious! Yepp. She didn‘t like the situation around the house, but she quickly realized that leaving me alone is ever worse idea.

Since then, when they have to go away, my father calls his friend Eban to babysit me. He is a very nice guy and I like him quite a lot. He smells funny but … you know… we dogs like the smell of rotten stuff so Its not that bad after all. Also I like that guy for one other reason. He carries so many things in his pockets and I love investigating them when he falls asleep in the chair. He he .. they call me a little thief but I‘m defend myself claiming that its only curiosity……